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Maternity Photo Shoot Tips

Taking maternity photos is the best way to capture the beauty of carrying your unborn child and to memorize the moment of your beautiful body shape. Here are some tips and tricks of how to take a gorgeous maternity photos.


1. Remember! You are beautiful and embrace this change.

Especially for first-time mothers, this can be hard to grasp. Your body feels more like there’s some odd alien takeover happening. Your young tight abs have now been replaced with a heavy stretched out “I swallowed a watermelon” thing! But that’s not the case at all. What is happening to your body is a miracle. Your curves are an outward symbol of the inner beauty and magic of what is taking place. Curves are good. Curves are attractive. You are beautiful. Repeat. Repeat. Believe.

At this moment, you don’t have to worry about the disadvantages and inconveniences after being pregnant. Just think about all of the women in this world that are dying to get pregnant. So all you have to do is to embrace the beautiful change happening to you.

2. Don’t forget dad’s role. 

As parents, as soon as the baby arrives we sort of vanish from the photos. We are inevitably the one behind the lens for the foreseeable future in many instances. Take this opportunity to document your love for one another. Incorporating the dad-to-be in the photo shootensures that the mom-to-be is at ease.

A maternity photo shoot doesn’t have to be all about capturing the mom-to-be’s body, curves. Plus it showcases the love, emotion and joy you share as a couple who just can’t wait to welcome their new baby into this world.

3. Choose the right photographer.

  • Portfolio – Is this person proficient with their gear? Are their technical skills sound? Or will you only end up with one lucky shot in your finished collection? Is their style something you gravitate to? Do they do a lot of maternity and can effectively pose that body type in a flattering way?

  • Interview – Call them, speak live (via phone) or in person (even better) and see if you connect personally. Email may be convenient but this is a personal thing. If you are feeling insecure you’ll want someone who will lift you up in that regard. Having good chemistry, a love-connection with your photographer means a great deal in my opinion.

  • Ask around or look online at free directories of professional photographers such as Photographer Central. Has anyone in your circle used this person before? What was the process like? Did they offer great customer service? A timely turnaround? Did they communicate effectively? All of these things will funnel into a great experience for you. Great photographers don’t always make great businesspeople. Just remember that.

4. Budget: Not as important as you may think.

This is obviously an important factor – and certain photographers might just be plain out of reach. But I find that if someone meets the three criteria above – they are totally worth the extra dough. Too many people hire under-skilled photographers who don’t communicate or deliver and that disappointment is harder to swallow in the end than the cost of hiring someone good. After all you can’t rewind and go back for a re-do.

5. Wardrobe: Show off your curves.

God bless the internet. We have so many wonderful sources of inspiration at our disposal. Blogs, Pinterest and Instagram are among my favorite outlets. My advice for wardrobe is dress to show off your curves. You’ll want something that hugs your figure and shows off your belly. I mean – we need to convey that this is a MATERNITY session.

Anything to avoid? I steer my clients away from horizontal stripes. They can be misleading and more challenging when posing. I also say stay away from anything baggy and black. I once had a very tiny and skinny pregnant mamma-to-be show up in a black maxi dress. There was a breeze and all that fabric just made her look like she was wearing a Hefty bag.

Sometimes it’s helpful to do some research and share the sample photos you like with your photographer. This is helpful in styling the session around your vision. Communication between you and the photographer you chose is very important. Moreover, you can try more various style and then choose the version you like the most.

6. Attitude: Just breathe and let go.

This goes for wardrobe as well as day-of attitude. Always wear what you feel you look your best in. If you aren’t convinced you look hot – the camera won’t lie. In many cases, a woman’s closet has about half the normal options based on fit alone during pregnancy – so when all else fails – just put on the thing that you feel prettiest in – regardless if it’s dressy or casual. Then – when it comes time to hop in front of the lens – just let it all go and trust your photographer. Their job is to pose you in a way that flatters your body, to find and place you in amazing light to enhance your collective vision, and if you just breathe and let go – trust me something amazing will happen.

Tips: How to Dress Your Bump

We all know that you don’t need to give up your style during your pregnancy. But you still need some advice and tips that can help you easily embrace maternity fashion styles. Here are some style tips for you to dress up your baby bump.

1. Don’t be afraid to explore your style!

You have a chance to get a whole new wardrobe, so embrace it and take the opportunity to treat yourself to some new clothes that you may have never tried before.

2. Show off your bump.

Wearing form-fitting clothes shows that you’re a proud mom-to-be, and they’re flattering, too! Try side-ruched tops or wrap dresses that tie for some accentuation.

3. Horizontal stripes are actually flattering.

We’ have all heard that horizontal stripes make you look bigger, but the reality is that they actually have the opposite effect. When horizontal stripes are around the belly, they create a narrowing effect at the waist, actually making you look smaller!

4. Invest in a good pair of maternity jeans.

It might be hard to put your money in to pricier jeans for just nine months, but it’s worth it. Get just one or two pairs of good jeans that you can live in and will flatter your changing body. I like skinny jeans for maternity. Your legs are one of the smallest parts on your body when you’re pregnant, so skinny jeans show them off.

5. Don’t forget accessories.

Nothing completes an outfit better than the appropriate accessories. Adding a lightweight scarf to a simple tee and jeans spices up the outfit and gives you that put-together look. Many maternity lines have complementary accessories, so be sure to check them out.

The pregnant body is absolutely beautiful and you don’t have to hide your growing bump away. For pregnant fashion, there will be more dos and don’ts. Although there are many tips for you to choose your maternity clothing, you still need time to try them on. Luckily, there are more and more options for pregnant women to find their fashionable and trendy clothes.

Best Maternity Clothes for Work

Being pregnant doesn’t mean that you can look gorgeous and stylish. There are still many ways and tips that can make you trendy and chic during your pregnancy. Moreover, being stylish and trendy may be the must-do thing for pregnant women who need to work in offices. Besides size, material, and color, selecting the right types of clothes is also very important. Here are some suggestions for you to choose your maternity clothes for work.


1. Blazer

Since your tummy will get bigger and bigger through the months, you can start choosing to wear a stretch tank top with a blazer to make you still look chic and stylish in the office. You must ensure that the tank top and the blazer are not too small or too big.


2. Pants or skirts

For your comfort and for the sake of the safety of the baby, you must forget to wear your favorite tight pants. You can wear your maternity pants which is really stretchy.

Skirts are also a good choice to wear in the office. But you need to pay attention to the length of the skirt. It’s better to choose the knee-length or longer skirt because it looks more professional and formal in the workplace.



3. Dresses

It’s not a sin if you decide to wear a dress during the office hours as long as you can choose a maternity dress which is still be suitable for work and for any other formal occasions.

What Things to Consider When Choosing Maternity Clothes?

When it comes to pregnancy, there is no reason not to be happy. A baby is the gift for every married couple. And there are many preparations to welcome your newborn baby. But before that, women can never give up fashion, including maternity fashion. Although you body shape will keep changing and your belly will also become bigger,  you will still want to look fashionable and stylish during your pregnancy.


You can always look as stylish as you want by following these maternity fashion tips:

  • First, wearing a scoop-neck t-shirt and a sweater can give you the best look especially if you have small breasts.

  • Wearing skinny jeans is not a prohibition during your pregnancy period because there are various maternity lines which are now making stretchy skinny jeans. And they are also super-comfy as well as chic.

  • Or you can wear leather jeans to flaunt your new curves so you will look skinnier.

  • During your early pregnancy, you can try to add some of your favorite accessories and jewelry for getting a more stunning look.

  • Instead of wearing bigger clothes just to hide your size which is probably not a good idea anymore, why don’t you try to wear knits that stretch to fit your size? It’s a kind of a perfect mix for a sexier and more classic style.

  • You can also try to add a few decorative elements like ruffled trims or beaded accents in your pregnancy dress.

After all, you don’t need to limit yourself wearing neutral colors during your pregnancy. Make it fun; colors are important for fashion outfits. Pregnant women can still dress up colorful clothing.


Tips: What to Dress (Third Trimester)

Tips: What to Dress (Third Trimester)

Congratulations! Now is the last trimester you need to worry about. We believe that you are now very familiar with what to wear during your pregnancy as you already learned the tips for your first and second trimesters. For the last trimester, you may do lots of research on maternity clothes and maternity fashion. But here are still some tips for your last trimester clothing we would like to share. (more…)