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Congratulations! Now is the last trimester you need to worry about. We believe that you are now very familiar with what to wear during your pregnancy as you already learned the tips for your first and second trimesters. For the last trimester, you may do lots of research on maternity clothes and maternity fashion. But here are still some tips for your last trimester clothing we would like to share.

Third Trimester

Seventh Month

The challenge: You feel huge and uncomfortable. Buttons, zippers, and even waistbands are increasingly torturous.

What to do: Try an Empire-waisted maxi dress – an ankle-length flowing knit dress that you can wear even after the baby has arrived. Added benefit: it’s so easy – throw it on and you’re good to go!

Eighth Month

The challenge: You’ve embraced the monochromatic look (blacks, grays, etc.) because it’s slimming and easy – but you want to add a bit more oomph to your look.

What to do: Match your accessories to the bravado of your bump! As your belly grows, swap out the demure studs for a bigger, bolder earring. Add a scarf that has a bold, funky pattern.

Ninth Month

The challenge: You’re getting bored with your clothes, but it’s the last leg of your pregnancy and you don’t want to buy more.

What to do: Give your wardrobe a boost with something you can wear later and that will punch up any outfit you’re currently sick of: shoes! Whether you choose a ballet-style flat or a mule with a sliver of a kitten heel, you’ll slip in and step out in style and comfort. Plus, no laces or buckles mean no bending over your burgeoning belly.


You may also like to wear a comfy knit tunic over your maternity leggings. This look provide you a stylish outfit. And don’t be afraid of adding a little bit drama to your outfit. You can have some fun dressing around your belly!