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Best Maternity Stores

Best Maternity Stores

Searching for maternity clothes is never easy, but fear not, we have found a list of all the best stores that sell maternity clothes. Willbemom, a popular blog for moms-to-be, collected brands that pride themselves in selling stylish maternity apparel. Check out their article here or read down below: (more…)

Tips: How to Choose Maternity Swimwear

Swimming is definitely an great activity for pregnant women during their pregnancy. Water aerobic exercises are both low-impact and safe for both you and your growing baby. The weightlessness can help soothe your aching back, keep you fit, and help you relax. However, it can be difficult to choose what to wear while swimming. Here are some tips and suggestions for you to choose your swimwear during your pregnancy.

1. Size Is Important

When it comes to your body shape, the type of swimwear you choose can help you look even better than you already do. Shorter women can benefit from vertical stripes that accent the body and make you look longer, while taller women can get away with horizontal stripes. In most cases you will want a swimsuit that covers your body well, simply because your belly and breasts are growing like crazy! You don’t want anything slipping out and causing a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ while at the beach. If you aren’t sure what looks best on you, speak to a salesperson about maternity fashions and ask for his or her advice when you try things on.

2. Opt for the Right Support

Your body is growing and changing, and that means your support needs to change. You definitely need support for your growing belly, as well as support for your breasts and hips. Look for a tank-style top that will hold your bust comfortably even as it grows bigger. Many maternity styles also feature a band of support around and under the belly, which is definitely what you need if you will spend a lot of time in the water. Be sure to look for a suit that has plenty of give and stretch, as your hips will grow wider throughout the next nine months.

3. Choose the Style and Color

As always, black is in since it hides a multitude of flaws and makes you look slimmer—something that many pregnant women might appreciate. Tankini is a popular option for those women who need to use the bathroom often, as usually happens when that growing baby is pushing on your bladder. Some women might choose a suit that reveals the gender of their baby, such as a light pink or baby blue. When trying on suits, make sure you choose the one that makes you feel pretty, suits your body shape and gives you plenty of room to grow.

4. Select According to Your Body Shape

Body Shape

What to Choose

Large breast

Look for a suit with a supportive shelf bra or a high neckto better hide your chest. You can also go with a dark-colored top and a light-colored bottom.

Small breast

Create more cleavage with a halter-style that has a plunging neckline. Look for suits that have some sort of texture, ruffling, sparkles or the like across the bust area.

Large hips

Low-cut leg openings offer the coverage you need for your hips. You can also go with a suit that has a vertical stripe, or one that has a skirt.

 Short legs

Higher-cut openings can create the illusion of length, thus making you appear taller than you really are.


It’s great to add swimming to your routine. It can help you and your baby be happy and healthy. Finding a comfortable and suitable swimwear doesn’t need to be a hassle anymore.

Tips for a Stylish Pregnant Look

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with the trends and stay stylish. The key to dress up your baby bump for a fashionable look is to pick out the trends and style you love and then adapt them to your new changing shape. Check out these tips to have a more stylish pregnant look.


1. Go for Color

Don’t limit yourself to black and neutral tones — color is an essential part of the modern maternity closet. You’ll feel happier when you’re wearing clothes that aren’t drab. But, if you’re really a color-phobe, just throw a bright sweater around your shoulders to complement an all-black outfit.

2. Go Skinny

If you enjoyed wearing skinny jeans before you were an expecting mama, don’t be afraid to don tight-fitting pants now just because you’re pregnant. Many maternity lines are now making stretchy, super-comfy, and chic. Skinny jeans and leather leggings that will fit and flaunt your new curves.

3. Get Decorative

Perk up a staid wardrobe with just a few decorative elements, such as ruffled trims or embroidered or beaded accents. Just be sure to stick with things that you’ll be able to wear more than once without feeling too conspicuous.

There is also an way to “decorate” your maternity look; put on your favorite accessories and jewelry can help you create a simple chic maternity style. Try long, dangling earrings and lariat necklaces.

4. Show Some Skin

If you’re normally small-chested, pregnancy offers the best chance you’ll ever have to forego the padded bras and flaunt cleavage, so take advantage of this fortuitous occasion and wear scoop-neck T-shirts or sweaters.

Tips: Picking What to Wear For Your Maternity Photo Shoot

In the previous article, we introduced some maternity photo shoot tips. We mentioned the “Wardrobe.” So what to wear for your maternity photo shoot is also very important. Probably the number one question you’re asking is “What should I wear?!” Maternity fashion is definitely a matter of personal taste and style, but there are still some looks and clothing that work better for photo shoot than others. Here are a some tips for you picking what to wear.


1. When in doubt, tighter is better.

Normally I advocate for the opposite while pregnant, but when it comes to maternity photos, we want to SEE THE BUMP. Not only that, but when you dress in form fitting clothes, you can pose in a number of ways, not just the cup-hand-under-belly pose.

2. Never underestimate the power of a skinny belt.

Once you really started showing, around 26 weeks, try wearing a skinny belt at the top of my bump almost every day. If you don’t want to invest in a lot of maternity clothes, you can get away with wearing your regular loose tops, belted above your belly. This look is super flattering because it cinches the thinnest part of your body.

3. Wedges are your best friend.

If you can rock a pair of heels while 9 months pregnant, more power to you. Wedges will make you look just as tall, and you’ll be a lot more comfortable during the 1-2 hours of shooting. Nude wedges are always a good choice with a shorter dress because they elongate your legs.


Tips: How to Dress Your Bump

We all know that you don’t need to give up your style during your pregnancy. But you still need some advice and tips that can help you easily embrace maternity fashion styles. Here are some style tips for you to dress up your baby bump.

1. Don’t be afraid to explore your style!

You have a chance to get a whole new wardrobe, so embrace it and take the opportunity to treat yourself to some new clothes that you may have never tried before.

2. Show off your bump.

Wearing form-fitting clothes shows that you’re a proud mom-to-be, and they’re flattering, too! Try side-ruched tops or wrap dresses that tie for some accentuation.

3. Horizontal stripes are actually flattering.

We’ have all heard that horizontal stripes make you look bigger, but the reality is that they actually have the opposite effect. When horizontal stripes are around the belly, they create a narrowing effect at the waist, actually making you look smaller!

4. Invest in a good pair of maternity jeans.

It might be hard to put your money in to pricier jeans for just nine months, but it’s worth it. Get just one or two pairs of good jeans that you can live in and will flatter your changing body. I like skinny jeans for maternity. Your legs are one of the smallest parts on your body when you’re pregnant, so skinny jeans show them off.

5. Don’t forget accessories.

Nothing completes an outfit better than the appropriate accessories. Adding a lightweight scarf to a simple tee and jeans spices up the outfit and gives you that put-together look. Many maternity lines have complementary accessories, so be sure to check them out.

The pregnant body is absolutely beautiful and you don’t have to hide your growing bump away. For pregnant fashion, there will be more dos and don’ts. Although there are many tips for you to choose your maternity clothing, you still need time to try them on. Luckily, there are more and more options for pregnant women to find their fashionable and trendy clothes.

Best Maternity Clothes for Work

Being pregnant doesn’t mean that you can look gorgeous and stylish. There are still many ways and tips that can make you trendy and chic during your pregnancy. Moreover, being stylish and trendy may be the must-do thing for pregnant women who need to work in offices. Besides size, material, and color, selecting the right types of clothes is also very important. Here are some suggestions for you to choose your maternity clothes for work.


1. Blazer

Since your tummy will get bigger and bigger through the months, you can start choosing to wear a stretch tank top with a blazer to make you still look chic and stylish in the office. You must ensure that the tank top and the blazer are not too small or too big.


2. Pants or skirts

For your comfort and for the sake of the safety of the baby, you must forget to wear your favorite tight pants. You can wear your maternity pants which is really stretchy.

Skirts are also a good choice to wear in the office. But you need to pay attention to the length of the skirt. It’s better to choose the knee-length or longer skirt because it looks more professional and formal in the workplace.



3. Dresses

It’s not a sin if you decide to wear a dress during the office hours as long as you can choose a maternity dress which is still be suitable for work and for any other formal occasions.