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DIY: Making Any Bra A Nursing Bra

During your pregnancy, as the rest of your body, your breasts are growing and changing. They will become bigger and more sensitive. It’s important to change your bras to fit your growing breasts. But how about nursing bras? Maternity and nursing bras are different in one basic way: Nursing bras have clasps or panels that you can easily access to the nipples for breastfeeding.

Many moms usually buy MANY nursing bras because babies sometime eat messy after breastfeeding. However, you won’t wear nursing bras after you are not nursing. So, here is a smart and easy way to transform your normal bras which fit you perfectly now to nursing bras. After finishing nursing, you can just change them into regular bras and still fit you perfectly.

Here is what you do:

1. Take a bra.

image source: keepingupwithusjones

2. Cut off the plastic or metal loops with pliers.

Cut it off; image source: keepingupwithusjones

3. Grab two hooks and eye closures.

Hook and eye closure; image source: keepingupwithusjones

4. Cut two small strips of material from your scraps.

image source: keepingupwithusjones

These strips are going to replace the circle loops you just cut off. The reasoning behind this is to make it so that the bra is still adjustable. If you sewed the hook and eye closure directly to the strap then you could not adjust the strap.

5. Sew the strip into a loop around the bra strap (making sure not to sew the strap, just the looping material). 

Sew it; image source: keepingupwithusjones

6. Cut your excess material and strings off.

image source: keepingupwithusjones

7. Roll it inside itself so that right sides are out and the seam is in the middle.

image source: keepingupwithusjones

8. Sew the hook to your new loop (once again making sure not to sew directly to the strap).

Sew the hook to your new loop; image source: keepingupwithusjones

9. And sew the eye to the top of your bra’s cup.

image source: keepingupwithusjones

10. Try it on!

image source: keepingupwithusjones

image source: keepingupwithusjones

Once you are done nursing. Just simply take off the hooks and closures and get a new metal loop closure and you’ve got your old bra back!


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